• Best Variety of Arabica & Robusta Beans.

  • Gourmet Italian Espresso Blend.

  • Italian Espresso coffee must be Rested/Aged to develop its rich complex of flavours.

  • Quality Grade & Blend of Beans.

  • Made in Italy. Distributed to Australia.

  • The knowledge of Italian Espresso Coffee Blend & Roast Master craftsmen.

Welcome to Matteo Coffee

At Matteo Coffee we specialise in providing quality Italian espresso coffee which has been roasted, blended and matured in Italy. Italian espresso Coffee is often imitated in Australia but is never equaled. Matteo Coffee, which is wholly Australian owned, is sharing the love of quality Italian espresso coffee by distributing a rich experience that coffee connoisseurs demand. We directly service Brisbane including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions, but also distribute across Australia including Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Our coffee is different. It has a very aromatic and smooth taste on the palate. The secret lies with the mastered art of Italian espresso coffee production. It first starts with the selection of high grade coffee beans sourced from different parts of the world. Second, the beans are skilfully roasted and blended together in precise proportions based on their type and grade. Finally, (and the one of the most important steps) the coffee is then aged in a purpose built temperature controlled 'cellar', like wine good coffee needs to be matured to bring out the intense flavors and fragrant aroma. This is a step often missed by many roasters eager to get their product out on the market and why you will find most coffee available today lacking depth and flavour.

So if you are looking for a "coffee experience" for your coffee shop, home or office then please contact us. We would love to show you (and let you taste) what we have to offer. We are confident you will see the difference and will never go back!

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