Barista Training


Among providing Italian coffee beans to Australian espresso bars and coffee shops Matteo Coffee if specifically requested to do so can provide training to coffee shop and espresso bar barista’s who purchase Matteo Coffee distributed beans.

Since an “espresso shot” is what forms the base of all coffee drinks. The framework of the barista training covers the fundamental points of espresso coffee preparation.

  • Understanding your coffee machine by setting the correct preset programmed volumes of 30-40ml of water for a “single espresso shot” (this is usually a once off for preset coffee machines/or for manual machines this requires training the barista the volume by sight rather than a predetermined programmed volume)
  • Understanding the coffee bean extraction time for an extraction. (This is critical!, if a coffee is over-extracted the coffee will taste burnt and bitter. If the coffee is under-extracted the coffee will taste sour ). ‘Dialling in the grinder’ with new beans is essential for any good barista to know as well as maintaining the ‘sweet spot’ with changes in temperature and humidity throughout the day.
  • Operating and Maintaining the Coffee grinder. (Ensuring that the model of grinder can cope with the volume of coffee that it grinds. Usually if you are using above 30kg a week a specific type of grinder is needed as to avoid the grinder burs burning your coffee grind.)
  • Getting the ‘tamp’ on the grind right and consistent.
  • General cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine.

The training plan will cover all of your existing barista staff and future star barista’s that join your business in the future.

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