Gold Coast Coffee



Gold Coast City is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Australia and the South East Asia region. Known as Australia’s playground, the Gold Coast is a hub of activity especially it’s night life and hospitality industry. Hosting a bunch of fine dining establishments dotted across the city, there is also a mix of great Al Fresco breakfast and lunch cafes and restaurants. Matteo Coffee, being located in the Southern suburbs of Brisbane is only a stones throw away from the popular Gold Coast. This servicing capability means that the fine authentic Italian espresso coffee experience can now be enjoyed by many Gold Coasters. If you are a new or existing coffee shop on the Gold Coast looking for a change of coffee to augment your menu then Matteo is your answer. What differentiates Matteo from other Australian owned brands is that Matteo is one of the few that provides a rich genuine Italian espresso coffee bean blend. The coffee is blended and aged in Italy which provides its authentic complexity of flavour.

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