Opening a New Cafe

If you are opening up a new cafe, restaurant or bar in Australia your main concern is looking after the day to day operations of the business some of which includes everything from worrying about finances, suppliers, equipment maintenance, equipment breakdown to training up and retaining quality staff.

Matteo Coffee understands the complexities involved in operating a food and drink outlet and specially caters for new cafes, restaurants or any other food and drink outlet wanting to expand into the realm of selling espresso coffee across Australia. Matteo coffee can train staff, provide coffee machines, coffee grinders and other equipment and accessories to quickly setup an establishment to serve quality espresso coffee with minimum time and fuss.
Matteo Coffee can also provide items such as cups, glasses, signage, A-Frames and cafe barriers to a cafe start-up to help increase the business’s exposure to traffic.
Keep your core business focused on making quality Italian espresso coffee by teaming up with Matteo Coffee today.


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