Our Story

Matteo Coffee’s journey all started surprisingly not from coffee but from a dream of a young 22 year old Brisbane boy who wanted to bring back genuine Italian espresso coffee from Italy to Australia. But not just any Italian espresso coffee, a coffee blend that offered a richer coffee drinking experience than the standard Australian local roaster who only offers single origin or bland cheap Papua New Guinea or Byron Bay beans.

Australia offers a large number of locally roasted coffee, but the end result to the majority of coffee drinkers is a product of sub-par quality pumped out to the masses every single day. Many roasters bag their beans and push their product out into the market straight away and encourage cafes to start making coffee with it at once. Often resulting in either a sour bitey flavour or a bland coffee milkshake taste being exacerbated by the inclusion of milk. This is simply not the Italian espresso ‘way’. Italian espresso, even with the addition of milk should still be present in the beverage and be appreciated.

Driven by a love affair with finding a quality Italian espresso coffee (and a young Italian woman) he found himself in a rural Sicilian town where he met some master coffee roasters of gourmet espresso coffee. With the new found understanding of the craft and with the help of the master Italian coffee roasters he hand picked an Italian espresso blend that delivers a symphony of aroma and flavour. The secret to this blend is its depth of variety of beans and the inclusion of high quality expensive graded beans.

We would like you to share in the love of good Coffee by trying the fragrant and smooth taste of this gourmet Italian espresso coffee which is made in a rural Sicilian town and distributed throughout Australia.

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