The Beans

No hype. No pretence. No single origin. Just rich Italian coffee which is imported and distributed in Australia by Matteo coffee. The coffee beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Santo Domingo, Guatemala, Congo and Brazil. The beans are then roasted and blended in Italy, infact the manufacturing plant is located in a small Italian town. The resulting coffee blend is a genuine Italian espresso blend which can only be best appreciated once tasted.

The coffee beans are packed and sealed to prevent oxidisation of the beans and secure freshness in the bag. The coffee beans are then left to be rested and “aged” for a number of weeks in a temperature and humidity controlled room much like wine. Contrary to popular belief from many a local Australian roaster, coffee beans need to be settled and aged as is done in the old traditional Italian way.  This closely guarded Italian coffee roasting process allows the beans to vent off the CO2 gas and provides time for the coffee bean oils to seep through the bean which in short delivers a richer coffee experience to the coffee drinker.

Since most coffee drinks sold in Australia like cappuccino’s, cafe latte’s, flat white’s are based on the espresso shot. Choosing a genuine Italian espresso blend like Matteo Coffee will put you in good stead to provide your guests with quality coffee.

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